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Cargo Hooks
Our component overhaul shop is well versed in the overhaul, repair and testing of Onboard Systems, Breeze Eastern and Aeronautical Accessory Cargo Hooks. We provide quality support in the maintenance of cargo hooks in the harsh New Zealand environment, including full anodizing and cadmium plating.

Striped Hook

Cargo Hook Testing Rig

Onboard Systems Cargo Hooks


Onboard Systems Talon LC. Keeperless and Big Mouth Hooks are held on the shelf for exchange overhaul to factory specifications.
This service is to minimise down time and avoid the costs of fitting loan hooks.


We have the capability to overhaul Onboard Systems Cargo Hooks and their attachment fittings. Held in stock are a wide range of parts and overhaul kits for Talon LC, Keeperless and Big Mouth Hooks enabling us to provide an average turn around time of 2 weeks.

Rotor and Wing Maintenance Talon LC

Talon LC

Rotor and Wing Maintenance Keeperless


Rotor and Wing Maintenance Big Mouth

Big Mouth

Breeze Eastern Hooks
We offer numerous repair schemes for A25LT, 2A20B, and 2A15E hooks, including locally manufactured side plates, fillers, keepers and pivots.

For those machines operating on an approved maintenance programme, we offer an alternative to the Breeze Eastern 3 year overhaul in the form of a detailed inspection.

These programmes are intended for helicopters that are not doing continuous heavy lifting and hooks that are sent to us for their three yearly detailed inspections.

Because this programme cannot be certified as a "stand alone" document it needs to be incorporated into an operator's exposition and a copy of that approved programme submitted with the hook and technical directive in order for us to carry out certification

The individual maintenance programmes can be downloaded below.

Rotor and Wing Maintenance A25LT Cargo Hook
A25LT Cargo Hook.pdf
Rotor and Wing Maintenance 2A15E
2A15E Cargo Hook.pdf
Rotor and Wing Maintenance 2A20B
2A20B Cargo Hook.pdf

Rotor and Wing Maintenance Hook Carosel
For multi and External Hooks
see Helicopter Equipment
Rotor and Wing MaintenanceLong Line

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