Attention all MD 500 owners

CAA recently advised of a failure overseas of an overrunning clutch outer housing. A further outer housing was found cracked.

MD Helicopters have advised industry of the serial numbers of other housings in the same batch.
We therefore instituted a magnaflux crack inspection of all -51 overrunning clutches, which we have been carrying out during their 300 hourly inspections.
This has resulted in a 3-day turnaround on the 300 hourly clutch inspections because the magnafluxing inspection is carried out on an outsourced basis.
Recently, we had a meeting with the MD Helicopters field representative. Their investigation has revealed that the initial failure was an isolated incident and the reported cracked housing turned out to be a surface flaw.
We have now dropped the magnaflux inspection on all clutch housings except for the few serial numbers that are from the manufacturing batch notified.

Posted: Wed 19 Nov 2014


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