Transmission test cell close to launching!

Transmission test cell close to launching!

Our transmission test cell, unique to Rotor & Wing will reduce down time and labour costs.

Many of you will know that over the past 3 years, Rotor & Wing have been developing a Garret turbo shaft engine-powered transmission test cell for the full power test running of the MD Helicopter main rotor and tail rotor transmission.
We are excited to report that this test cell is now closer to being operational with a number of test runs having been completed including the testing an “F” model transmission up to 575 horse power. Some design snags are currently being resolved. Just completed is a blast cooling system to cool the power absorbing telmars.
This test cell offers a considerable cost saving of travel, labour and helicopter down time for transmission overhauls and repairs where gear pattern changes are required.
We’ll keep you posted on further updates with when this technology will be operational.

Posted: Thu 20 Nov 2014


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