About Us

We consistently work to ensure a safe, reliable and prompt service


Rotor & Wing Maintenance Ltd exists to provide quality services to general aviation in: 

  • Maintenance of light helicopters
  • Overhaul of helicopter components
  • Airframe repair and overhaul
  • Supply of approved aircraft parts
  • Maintenance of selected single engine aircraft

Based at Taupo Airport, Taupo, New Zealand, Rotor & Wing have comprehensive knowledge and experience in the aviation industry. For the past 34 years, we have built a solid reputation and premium facilities and capabilities. You can have trust and confidence in our team and know we will always work to maximise safety, reliability and performance. We offer a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to help when we can.

Rotor & Wing Maintenance Ltd is certificated under Part 145 and holds the following ratings:

A4     For the maintenance of aircraft
C2    For the maintenance and overhaul of components
S1     For the supply of approved parts

Maintenance Organisation No. M024143

We'll service your helicopter quickly and efficiently so you are back in the air as soon as possible

Our team of LAMEs, IAs and supporting engineers ensure jobs will be completed with as mimimal ground time as possible.


Rotor & Wing Maintenance Ltd was formed in 1980. The directors are John and Shona Hobday and both the company and facilities remain in their ownership.

Rotor & Wing Maintenance Ltd offers maintenance of:

  • MD Helicopters 500 series
  • Schweizer 300 series
  • Robinson R22 & R44 & R66 Helicopters
  • Eurocopter AS350 series
  • Bell Single Engine Helicopters
  • Cargo Hooks

Get your Robinson overhaul completed in just 4 weeks

We can turn these jobs around quickly so you spend less time on the ground waiting.

We are a Robinson-approved Independent Service Centre ensuring that the sound maintenance of these models are supported in New Zealand.  Approval by Robinson Helicopters was initially made in 1989 and has extended to cover the R44 and R66 series since then, and is renewed annually as required by Robinson Helicopters.

Our premises

The original Rotor & Wing hangar was built in 1980. It was extended in 1991 to incorporate an equipment room, larger stores and a new staff room. It was again extended in 1997 for the purposes of Part 145 approval. This included a new component workshop, metal working bay and airframe overhaul workshop. The most recent extension was completed in late 2012. It nearly doubled the hangar floor area, provided new engineers offices, further extended the stores and provided a new ancillary workshop.


We have a highly-specialised and qualified team of licensed engineers and support staff.

Senior Persons approved under Part 145:

John R Hobday
Chief Executive
Chief Engineer
Workshop Manager

Shona M Hobday MBA
Administration Manager
Stores Controller
Quality Assurance Manager

In addition to the Senior Persons mentioned above, other staff members include Licensed Engineers, tradesmen, and administration and stores personnel.


PO Box 372, Taupo
Ph: +64 7 378 8688 | Fax: +64 7 378 0692