Hughes / Schweizer 300

Hughes / Schweizer 300

The Hughes / Schweizer 300 helicopter has been a solid workhorse in the New Zealand aviation scene for many years. We have used our extensive knowledge of the type over these years to develop Mods to both improve the usability, and lower the maintenance costs of these machines.  Browse the list below, and Contact us to discuss your needs.

Shooter’s handle

This is a light-weight aluminium handle mounted on the RH door frame, designed to make it easier and safer for the shooter to re-enter the helicopter.
Air Horns

This mod installs a set of air horns onto the engine frame, facing down. A cyclic mounted button activates the horns. Ideal for mustering stock, attracting the attention of ground personal, or clearing animals off the landing site.
Luggage rack

This is an aluminium frame that quickly attaches to the auxiliary fuel tank mounts, and allows for the carriage of up to 120lb of external luggage. Ideal for a couple of jerry cans.
Collective ground lock.

This is a simple locking device that secures the collective fully down while on the ground, preventing inadvertent raising of the collective.
Axe installation

Mounts a hand axe onto the RH seat base.
Tail Rotor control rod repair

This repair scheme splices new sections into a tail rotor control rod. These rods are typically damaged by excessive wear from the support grommets in the tail boom.
Skid mounted mirror

This mod installs a convex mirror onto the LH skid tip, giving the pilot the ability to view the cargo hook and it’s load in-flight.
Skid shoes

Installs a wide, flat plate to the rear of the skids, to spread the weight of the helicopter and stop the skid sinking into soft ground or snow.
Aux instrument panel

RW 04-16
This mod installs an extension to the left hand side of the instrument console capable of holding two standard gauges. Ideal for mounting Turn co-ordinator and VSI
Remote oil fill port.

The oil filler on the engine is not easily accessible on the 300. This mod attaches a flexible line to the engine, with a remote filling port located on the side of the cabin. Makes replenishing oil a no fuss, no mess operation.
Throttle grip extension.

This mod replaces the standard throttle twist grip on the collective with a longer, more comfortable foam covered aluminium grip.
TracMap AgGPS installation
RW10/02 NZ, RW10/02A Aus.
This mod installs the New Zealand made TracMap agricultural GPS guidence and mapping system on a removable stainless steel bracket mounted above the pilot's knees. Data download is made easy via a side mounted USB port.  

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