• Hughes / McDonald Douglas / Kawasaki 500
    For many years now the Hughes 500 has been the mainstay of working helicopters in New Zealand. Our extensive experience on these machines has led us to develop numerous mods to tailor them to specific roles, make them easier and more comfortable to operate, and reduce the cost of maintenance. We have also developed a number of mods addressing the issues with maintaining Kawasaki machines.
  • Hughes / Schweizer 300
    The Hughes / Schweizer 300 helicopter has been a solid workhorse in the New Zealand aviation scene for many years. We have used our extensive knowledge of the type over these years to develop Mods to both improve the usability, and lower the maintenance costs of these machines.
  • Robinson 22 Mods
    The Robinson R22 has proved itself to be a cost effective, reliable worker, well suited to the New Zealand environment. We have a number of mods aimed at tailoring the R22 to your requirements.
  • Robinson 44 Mods
    The Robinson R44 helicopter is already well established in new Zealand, and is proving itself to be suited to many different tasks. We offer a number of Mods to help tailor your aircraft to these roles.
  • Jetranger Mods
    Pneumatic actuators are widely used for controlling external equipment from fert and fire buckets to grapple hooks. Our RW00/03A mod installs an ARO coupling on the belly of the helicopter, supplying P2 bleed air to operate your pneumatics.
    We have also generated a number of ‘one off’ mods.
  • Squirrel Mods
    One of the common concerns for Squirrel pilots is the side locker doors. These doors have been known to come open in flight, often resulting in the door becoming detached and striking the tail rotor. Our Mod MB52-30-04 positively secures the doors at the leading edge, preventing inadvertent opening.
  • Cargo Hook Mods
    We offer a number of mods for the installation of various cargo hooks onto different airframes.
  • Fixed Wing Mods
    Sick of having to hold your cabin door open with your hip while loading and unloading passengers and gear? We have the solution. Our mod will install a gas filled ram onto the pilots door of your Cessna 172 or 206, eliminating bruised hips.
  • Helicopter Equipment
    The helicopter is an important tool in today’s world, with many and diverse roles. At Rotor & Wing Maintenance, we have worked closely with operators to develop a range of practical, rugged equipment to extend the range of roles your helicopter can fill. Our on-site machining, welding and fabrication facilities allow us to control the quality of our products to the highest standard, and our years of experience ensure our equipment is designed to work, and keep working.

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