Robinson 22 Mods

Robinson 22 Mods

The Robinson R22 has proved itself to be a cost effective, reliable worker, well suited to the New Zealand environment. We have a number of mods aimed at tailoring the R22 to your requirements.

Skid mounted mirror

This mod installs a convex mirror onto the RH skid tip, giving the pilot the ability to view the cargo hook and it’s load in-flight.
Seat base extension

The R22’s standard seat bases are fairly narrow, and can become uncomfortable on long flights. This mod widens the seat base by approximately two inches, providing better support and comfort.     
Shooter’s step

This mod installs a simple foot rest on the LH front undercarriage strut, to provide support for the shooter’s left foot.
Collective ground lock

This is a simple locking device that secures the collective fully down while on the ground, preventing inadvertent raising of the collective.  
TracMap AgGPS Installation

This mod installs the New Zealand made TracMap agricultural GPS guidence and mapping system on a removable stainless steel bracket mounted above the pilot's knees. Data download is made easy via a side mounted USB port.  

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