Helicopter Equipment

The helicopter is an important tool in today’s world, with many and diverse roles. At Rotor & Wing Maintenance, we have worked closely with operators to develop a range of practical, rugged equipment to extend the range of roles your helicopter can fill. Our on-site machining, welding and fabrication facilities allow us to control the quality of our products to the highest standard, and our years of experience ensure our equipment is designed to work, and keep working.

Listed below is our current range of Multi-helicopter equipment. Simply click on the appropriate picture for more information. For helicopter-specific equipment, see our range of modifications.

If you have a need that we don’t currently cater for, contact us, and together we’ll turn your dreams into a reality.

  • Firelighter
    Controlled burn offs have long been an invaluable tool in the clearing of paddocks, controlling scrub and fire fighting, and ground fuel reductions. Rotor & Wing’s Firefly fire lighting system makes these operations fast, efficient and above all, safe.
  • R44 Kayak Racks
    Heli-Kayaking is becomming more popular throughout New Zealand. These racks are quickly and easily attached to either side of the helicopter.
  • Longlines
    These low stretch synthetic rope, 50 foot longlines come pre-made with stainless steel eyes, 3 core wiring and external anti-abrasion sheathing. Light weight and easy to handle, they will roll or fold up much smaller than equivalent cable, while giving the same longevity and performance.
  • Cargo Nets
    These hand spliced synthetic rope cargo nets are both light weight and sturdy. They come in two sizes: 3m x 3m and 3.7m x3.7m and fold up neatly into their own carry bag. They are supplied with either corner or perimeter attach ropes.
  • OBS Longline
    We stock and recommend Onboard Systems long line hooks.

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