Helicopter Equipment

  • Firelighter
    Controlled burn offs have long been an invaluable tool in the clearing of paddocks, controlling scrub and fire fighting, and ground fuel reductions. Rotor & Wing’s Firefly fire lighting system makes these operations fast, efficient and above all, safe.
  • R44 Kayak Racks
    Heli-Kayaking is becomming more popular throughout New Zealand. These racks are quickly and easily attached to either side of the helicopter.
  • Longlines
    These low stretch synthetic rope, 50 foot longlines come pre-made with stainless steel eyes, 3 core wiring and external anti-abrasion sheathing. Light weight and easy to handle, they will roll or fold up much smaller than equivalent cable, while giving the same longevity and performance.
  • Cargo Nets
    These hand spliced synthetic rope cargo nets are both light weight and sturdy. They come in two sizes: 3m x 3m and 3.7m x3.7m and fold up neatly into their own carry bag. They are supplied with either corner or perimeter attach ropes.
  • OBS Longline
    We stock and recommend Onboard Systems long line hooks.

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