Robinson 44 Mods

Robinson 44 Mods

The Robinson R44 helicopter is already well established in new Zealand, and is proving itself to be suited to many different tasks. We offer a number of Mods to help tailor your aircraft to these roles. Browse the list below, and contact us to discuss your needs.

Collective ground lock


This is a simple locking device that secures the collective fully down while on the ground, preventing uncomanded take-offs.  
AgGPS Installation.

Provides for installation of Trimble’s Trimflight 3 AgGPS  system, mounted on a removable stainless steel frame above the pilot’s knees.      
Mirror Bracket

Installs a convex mirror onto the RH skid tip, giving the pilot the ability to view the cargo hook and it’s load in-flight.
External Power Supply.

Very useful and popular Mod. Places two cannon plugs in the aircrafts belly skin. One two pin socket supplying 20Amp power and an earth, and a 3 pin socket with an earth, and two 3 Amp power supplies, switched via a cyclic mounted switch. Can be used to power and control almost any external electrical equipment, from frost lights to fertilizer buckets.
Alternate Firewalls

Provides for the replacement of damaged engine bay firewalls with locally manufactures units.
Tailcone skin replacement

Provides for replacing the forward most tailcone bay skin, typically damaged in heavy landings.
Frost light installation

This mod installs a high power light onto the skid tip for frost protection flying.
TracMap AgGPS Installation

This mod installs the New Zealand made TracMap agricultural GPS guidence and mapping system on a removable stainless steel bracket mounted above the pilot's knees. Data download is made easy via a side mounted USB port.

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