TracMap Installations

The TracMap GPS unit offers a complete precision guidance system for owners, contractors and operators to plan, place and prove their spread of agricultural chemicals and fertilisers.

Rotor and Wing Maintenance are a distributor for TracMap and have a simulator to assist with pilot training. Our approved installations are designed to enhance the light weight and easy-to-use features of the TracMap.

When designing the installations, we took into account minimal effect on the pilot's visibility while providing an easy view of the screen and light bar and access to the unit's buttons, with remote operation of some function on the helicopter's cyclic control.

Rotor and Wing Maintenance hold in stock installation kits for TracMaps to be installed in most models of of helicopters operated in New Zealand. We have a fixed price for the supply of the TracMap unit, mounting kit, its installation and certification to our approved modification.


 Hughes 300 Standard Panel            Hughes 500     R22 and R44

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