Cargo Nets


Cargo Nets

All our cargo nets are hand knotted and spliced by an experienced net maker - rope splicer who is certificated by Samson Rope Technologies for the types of ropes and splices used. 

Nets by this net maker have been in regular service for 20 years and are still in serviceable condition. 

Because of the type of construction, these nets are field repairable. Nets can be produced in drawstring perimeter ropes or fixed corner ropes. 

The nets are supplied with a breathable bag to store and transport the net and to protect it in a variety of environments. 

Mesh size is 150mm with a mesh strength of 2040kg safe working load per square metre. 

These nets are fabricated with a 1 to 6 safety ratio. 

Standard Stock Nets

3 Metre x 3 Metre Net:

  • With a 1000kg safe working load
  • Weight: 11kg

3.7 Metre x 3.7 Metre Net:

  • With a 1000kg safe working load
  • Weight: 16kg


4 Metre Octagonal Lasso Net:

  • This is a new product with an efficient 8 sided design, eliminating the wasted corner areas
  • With a safe working load of 1000kg if lifted from a single point OR
  • With a safe working load of 1500kg if lifted from multiple points on the perimeter rope




Customised Nets

Cargo nets can be made to a wide variety of shapes, sizes and working loads.

For loads that have items too small to be safe in our mesh net size, we supply rugged cargo bags which zip up- protecting the load from wind, sun, rain and ensuring overall load security. \

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